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Nov, 2023 - Diwali Utsav - JLW

The ‘Diwali Utsav’ held on the 8th of November at Vintage Vibes was a resounding success, bringing together 225 members for an evening of joy and celebration. Mr. Vinay Pisat, the renowned sound frequency healer from Mumbai, infused the gathering with positive energy, connecting participants with Mother Earth and the Universe. 

Attendees received valuable tips on Diwali Vastu, guiding them on creating positivity and prosperity in their homes. The event featured an engaging two-and-a-half-hour session of diverse games orchestrated by Game Jockey Falguni, adding a lively touch to the festivities. 

A sumptuous dinner was served, providing a delightful culinary experience for all. Each member received thoughtfully curated gift hampers, containing a big jute bowl, organic jaggery, sweets, diyas, rangoli, rangoli colors, Kirtiraj Mathia, chorafali (Diwali snacks), and a scented candle. 

The ambiance was further enhanced by a beautifully crafted rangoli at the venue entrance, showcasing the artistic talent by one of our member Pinal ji. Chauvihar was arranged for those members who preferred an early dinner. 

Overall, the Diwali Utsav at Vintage Vibes was a memorable occasion, fostering connections, laughter and a shared sense of celebration under the open sky and breathtaking natural surroundings. The event was a testament to the spirit of community and joyous festivities.