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Nov, 2023 - Installation ceremony Shri Asit Shah & Team

The Installation Ceremony of Chairman Shri Asit Shah and his dedicated team was a remarkable event attended by over 500 esteemed guests on 4th November 2023 at YMCA. The event, held at a prestigious venue, saw the presence of esteemed dignitaries, prominent figures, and enthusiastic members of the Jain International Trade Organization (JITO). 

The event commenced with great enthusiasm as it was graced by the honourable Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel and Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation Mayor, Smt. Pratibhaben Jain, who is also a member of the JITO Ladies Wing. Their presence added a significant sense of prestige to the occasion. 

Distinguished JITO representatives from the Apex – Shri Ganpatraj Chowdhary - Advisory Council, Shri Sukhraj Nahar – Chairman, Shri Abhayakumar Srisrimal - President, Shri Manoj Mehta - Secretary General, Shri Kushalraj Bhansali - Vice President, Shri Nirav Shah - Director, Smt. Sushma Kankaria – Director, dignitaries from Gujarat Zone - Shri Amit Jain - Chairman,  Shri Tejas Shah - Chief Secretary, Shri Mohanlal Chopra - Secretary and also dignitaries and Bhamashas from Ahmedabad Chapter were in attendance, further reinforcing the organization's unity and vision. The oath of office was administered by the Immediate Past Chairman of JITO Apex, Shri Ganpatraj Chowdhary, to Chapter Chairman Shri Asit Shah and his team. This ceremony also included the Youth Wing Chairperson and team and the Ladies Wing Chairperson and team taking their oaths. 

The event provided a platform to introduce the JITO Business Network (JBN) team convener Shri Nitin Jain and his team. It was also an opportunity to introduce the conveners and co-conveners of the four different groups within the JITO Business Network. 

As the Immediate Past Chapter Chairman, Shri Sanjeev Chhajer concluded his tenure, he expressed his gratitude by thanking everyone who supported him in executing various events during his term. He took the occasion to launch the annual magazine 'Sampark Setu,' which comprehensively documented all the activities undertaken throughout the year, as well as the details of Chapter and JITO projects. 

Apex Chairman Shri Sukhraj Ji Nahar extended his congratulations to the outgoing Chairman, Shri Sanjeev Chhajer, for his outstanding performance during his tenure, notably the successful membership drive and the JITO Business Bazaar. He also warmly welcomed the new Chairman, Shri Asit Shah, and his team for the year 2023-2024. 

Apex President Shri Abhaya Srisrimal delivered a speech in which he acknowledged the remarkable achievements of the outgoing Chairman and highlighted significant projects like JATF, JIIF, and JITEM to be focused as well. He emphasized the upcoming JITO GELF event by JITO and its importance. He congratulated and welcomed new chairman Shri Asit Shah and wished him great success in his tenure. 

Shri Ganpatraj Ji Chowdhary delivered a comprehensive overview of JITO's activities, aligning them with the organization's core vision of "seva" (service), "shiksha" (education), and "arthik saddharta" (economic empowerment). He emphasized the positive impact of these initiatives on the community and the nation, highlighting the significance of the Jain community's presence in national politics. He expressed his intent to meet with the Chief Minister to discuss the establishment of a university on behalf of JITO, demonstrating the organization's commitment to education. He commended the outgoing chairman, Shri Sanjeev Chhajer, for his team's outstanding performance and warmly welcomed the new chairman, Shri Asit Shah, who is known for his philanthropic endeavours, including serving as a trustee of Shraman Aarogyam, a trust providing medical support to Jain sadhu and sadhviji bhagwants nationwide. 

In his acceptance speech, Chairman Shri Asit Shah assured the members and the audience that he would prioritize enhancing connectivity and the network of JITO members. His focus will be on the economic empowerment of the Jain community through trade committees formed by his team. During his speech, the office bearers' committee and managing committee were recognized and highlighted on the projector screen. 

The Chief Minister, Shri Bhupendrabhai Patel, delivered an inspiring address, welcoming all the dignitaries, philanthropists, and stalwarts of the Jain community. He lauded JITO's tremendous efforts and declared that if other communities follow a similar path, India's progress will accelerate. He expressed his government's commitment to support JITO's initiatives in the interest of the nation's growth, aiming for India to rise to the third position in economic empowerment worldwide, from its current fifth position. 

Smt. Pratibhaben Jain, Mayor of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation and a JITO Ladies Wing member, acknowledged JITO's remarkable contributions to both the community and the nation's growth. She congratulated Chairman Shri Asit Shah and his team for their dedicated tenure. 

The event concluded with a Vote of Thanks delivered by Chief Secretary Shri Pravesh Mehta which was then followed by sumptuous dinner, providing a perfect opportunity for networking and further fostering the spirit of unity and collaboration among the attendees.