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Oct, 2023 - Ahmedabad on Wheels: A One-of-a-Kind Referral Meet!

Ahmedabad on Wheels
Businesses do not recognise boundaries. Business flourishes when they expand their reach. And JBN understands this completely. Hence to make the best of multi-regional presence of JBN, JBN Ahmedabad Chapter has come up with an unique idea "Ahmedabad on Wheels", where members of all four referral group will travel to another city to do a business network meeting with JBN Referral groups of that city.
So the first station of "Ahmedabad on Wheels" is Surat. On 28th October 2023, Members of JBN Ahmedabad Chapter will travel to Surat to network with JBN Surat Chapter. In this long day event, several organised business meetings will be conducted for effective networking and business sharing.
Following are more details
- 150+ JBN Businesspreneurs* gathered in one location
- A day filled with energizing activities
- Great excess to new connections
- Numerous business opportunities
- Collaborative business venture
- Sharing potential referrals
- A journey with like-minded individuals