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Oct, 2023 - Enhance your elegance

The sari styling workshop by Ashwini Narayan at Hyatt Vastrapur on October 18th was a remarkable event attended by 80 enthusiastic members. Ashwini not only showcased 9-10 innovative sari draping styles but also emphasized how the choice of fabric can significantly impact one's appearance, even when wearing the same style.

Ashwini explained that the sari allows individuals to express their desired look, whether it's a slim silhouette or a more voluminous appearance, and that it's largely influenced by the fabric. Thin saris create a distinct style, while thicker materials offer a unique impact.

Accessories plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall appearance of a lady, as Ashwini highlighted. The discussion included the fall of the sari, cowl, and terms like pallu and patli, all of which were integral in helping the audience grasp the various sari styles demonstrated.

The event not only enriched our understanding of sari draping but also broadened our perspective on how fabric choices and accessories can transform one's appearance. We extend our gratitude to Ashwini Narayan and all the attendees for making this event both informative and stylish.