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May, 2023 - Perfect Pallate - Hybrid Event

We are thrilled to share the success of the highly anticipated Hybrid Event, the "Perfect Pallate" organized by JITO Ahmedabad Ladies Wing supported by JITO Gujarat Zone and convened by Smt. Neeta Rupani and Smt. Pallavi Rathod. The event took place at the prestigious Hotel Hyatt and witnessed the participation of over 100 attendees, including 78 online participants. It was an enriching experience filled with delectable flavours and learning opportunities under the leadership of JLW Chairperson Shweta Hundia and team.

Seasoned chef-led sessions taught mouth-watering recipes, leaving participants amazed. The hybrid format allowed broader participation and seamless interaction. The event received positive feedback, fostering networking and culinary passion. The Perfect Pallate event fostered camaraderie among the attendees and created a platform for networking and building lasting connections. Apex Director Smt. Sushma Kankaria, Zone Chairman Shri Amit ji Jain and past Chairperson Smt. Kavita Jain graced the event with their presence.

Stay tuned for more exciting events from JITO Ahmedabad Ladies Wing, as we continue to provide enriching experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth.