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May, 2023 - JITO Career Counselling 2023

On Sunday, May 21, 2023, the class rooms were packed with enthusiastic students and parents attending the highly anticipated "JITO Career Counselling" event organized by JITO Ahmedabad. This event, presented by SAL Education and powered by Flamingo Educare, was held in collaboration with TPF and H.L. College Alumni Association as part of the Centre for Excellence program. Fourteen distinguished speakers from top institutions provided valuable career guidance to the city's students.

The speakers shed light on unbiased career options and inspired participants to focus on their ultimate goals. This event, which was free and open to all, was made possible through the dedicated leadership of Shri Mukesh Gugaliya and his team, with guidance from seasoned experts Shri Malay Shah, Shri Tejas Shah and Shri Jagrit Sanklecha.

With over 550+ registrations, including citizens from various backgrounds, benefited from this knowledge-driven event. The presence of Chapter Chairman Shri Sanjeev Chhajer and Committee Members added grace to the occasion, as they engaged in discussions with the speakers about potential opportunities for JITO.

We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate the efforts made by TPF, H.L. College and HL Alumni Association in ensuring the success of this event. Their valuable contributions played a significant role in making the "JITO Career Counselling" event a resounding success.

Ashok Bhansali
Chief Secretary