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Dec, 2022 - Business carnival

JBN Business Carnival was grandly organized for the first time at YMCA Club by JBN Ahmedabad Team on 22nd December, 2022.

Convenor Shri Nitesh Shah while giving information about this carnival said that more than 26 companies had participated in this mega event and more than 750 business meetings were held in just one day.

The main purpose of this event was to promote the various services and products of JBN entrepreneurs and to provide a platform to do business worth crores of rupees with the large companies of India.

In JBN Ahmedabad more than 225 entrepreneurs have been connected with each other for more than 7 years in the spirit of cooperation and business growth.

The sole purpose of JBN is to provide support and platform for all its affiliated members to grow more professionally.

JBN includes Builder and Construction related content, Architects, Financial Services - Investment, Insurance, Loans, GST, Direct Taxes, Legal Firms, HR Services, IT H/w and S/w Services, Furniture Manufacturer and Retailer, Securities Services, Entrepreneurs connected with various services like video/photo, gifting, security – water and waste water related plants, stationery manufacturing, government subsidy and tender services, event management services, etc.

Shri Ganpatraj ji Chowdhary (Immediate Past Chairman, JITO Apex), Shri Kushal Bhansali (Vice President-JITO Apex), Shri Jigish Shah (Director in charge - JBN All India), Shri Amit Jain (Chairman - JITO Gujarat Zone) and Shri Chetan Shah (Immediate Past Chairman-JITO Ahmedabad) along with several senior JITO members were present at Business Carnival and motivated JITO JBN Members for their Business Growth & New Prospects.