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Dec, 2022 - Cyber crime awareness

JITO Ahmedabad organized Cyber Crime Awareness Program at the most friendly environmental venue Nehru Foundation Auditorium on 16th December 2022 under the leadership of stalwart Chairman Shri Sanjeev Chhajer and his Team with an objective to aware JITO members and their family from the ever-increasing financial fraud, social media hacking, cyber crime and women’s safety. He and his team welcomed the Ahmedabad Commissioner of Police, Shri Sanjay Srivastava, Jt. Commissioner Police-Crime, Shri Prem Vir Singh, Dy. Commissioner of Police-Cyber Crime, Shri Ajit Rajiaan and Dy. Commissioner of Police, Zone 1, Ms. Dr. Lavina Sinha. Along with them, top officers of the city police department were present in the program and were welcomed whole heartedly. 

Many JITO dignitaries, steering committee members and other JITO members remained present. The hall was over crowded with more than 300 attendees at the event. 

Cyber Crime DCP Ajit Rajan said that cyber help desks will be started at all police stations of Ahmedabad by January 2023 so that citizens of the city can file complaints related to cyber fraud. In general, people fall victim to eight different types of cybercrime like Hacking & Unauthorized Access, Cyber Fraud, Social Media Bullying, Ghosting/ Gaslighting, Conventional Crimes Being Done through Cyber, Child Pornography, Online Narcotics and Arms and Espionage.  He also educated the audience about the types of cyber crime happening in the world. He spoke about the way and means by which people can protect themselves and prevent from being victims of cyber crime and related offences. 

He stated that busy lifestyles are increasing the communication gap between parents and kids and due to this, cases of children going astray from an early age are coming up.The audience came to know about a lot of important do's and don'ts of the digital world. 

On this occasion, DCP Zone 1 Dr Lavina Sinha said that Ahmedabad is the safest city for women. Children need to be taught about good and bad touch especially to those going to school, college or work place. Women in the society are victims of harassment in many ways and cannot raise their voice against it. She gave information about the Abahyam Help line number 181, in which a special team for women who have gone through such dire situations, can call and seek help immediately. 

Another factor of increasing crimes is that the family does not come forward to complain when the girls' plight or extravagance is exposed to the press. 

Crime Branch Joint Commissioner of Police Shri Premveer Singh gave information on financial fraud and said that victims of financial fraud such as forgery, false documents, bank codes, financial malpractice, Ponzi schemes etc. should file an immediate complaint on 1930 help line number which increases the chances to recover the money that is transferred from the bank account. 

In the program, Police Commissioner Shri Sanjay Srivastava enlightened the crowd about the working and formation of CSK (Cyber Suraksha Kavach) and how the police force is preparing itself to fight cyber crime and to secure the citizens of Gujarat in the digital world. Fraud is done by getting lured by a scam or money and downloading a link or giving OTP. On the other hand, through any social media platform, people reveal all the things and information of their life. Due to which people who track them can easily make them victims for cyber crime in present day.  Self-learning is the biggest key as the world has become digital now and cyber crime is likely to increase. College and school children also need to be informed about this matter. He also said that parents should treat the girl child kindly and keep in constant communication. Children should not feel lonely and their every activity should be constantly monitored. As the cases of cybercrime continue to increase, one should stay away from tempting codes. A person should also take special care for his own safety. 'C Team' has done a great job for the safety of the women of the city. Children should use technology with caution.People fall prey to social media due to less understanding of rules. 

The event was followed by questionnaire where the audience learnt precaution and prevention measures to be taken while using digital platform. 

Chief Secretary Shri Ashok Bhansali thanked the Police Officers for guiding all the members to stay alert from cyber crime and cyber fraud.