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Nov, 2022 - Prevent, protect and preempt

Prevent Protect and Preempt with Dr.Kanan .M.Desai (DCP4-Ahmedabad city) which was held on 19th November at police headquarters Shahibaug between 4-5.30 pm.

The event was attended by 50+ ladies where Dr.Kanan Desai explained what were the rights of the women and how the police departments work and finally how in unison these rights can be achieved legally.

The event was attended by Sushma Kankaria (Director at JITO Apex) and Kavita Jain the past chair Jito ladies wing Ahmedabad chapter.

The event started by greeting Dr.Kanan Desai and was followed by a speech by the Chairperson Shweta Hundia. Following the protocol set by the Ladies wing 3 members were introduced (Jigisha  Rupani , Sumitra Hundia and Nita Rupani).

This was followed by the self Defence talk and then a live demonstration and interactive learning session with Defence coach Ujjwal. The coach explained very simply the major points on the human body which should be targeted while doing self Defence practically with the members present there.

Objectives-This was organised to create awareness in the women about their rights and the rights of teenagers and how they can be protected.

Takeaway -This was a very important and need of the hour subject which was taught practically and interactively so as to protect oneself in this era of increasing crime rates all over.