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Jul, 2022 - Health Camp

Women play every role with aplomb but to fuel that we need to keep her Health Quotient under check.

 JITO Ladies Wing and SAL HOSPITALS had introduced an exclusive offer to ensure health awareness in continuation to the “ Health awareness Talk on 8th June 2022 at JITO Office.

We offer special health package @ Rs. 1000 including, Pap smear, Mammography (out sourced), Gynaecologist consultation, Physiotherapist consultation, & Dietician consultation.  

Team JLW is grateful to Smt. Ragini ji Shah, SAL Hospitals for her ideation and support extended for the same.

This offer was valid only for two weeks for following days; 

Week 1- 23rd June( Thursday), 24 June( Friday) 25th June ( Saturday) 

Week-2: 30th June (Thursday), 1st July (Friday), 2nd July (Saturday)