Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO), Ahmedabad Chapter
Monday 22 Oct 2018

JIYO - History & Milestones

JITO Ahmedabad Chapter firmly believes that the future of our community, country and world is in the hands of the youth. JITO initiated the idea of a Jain International Youth Organisation (JIYO) Ahmedabad to empower youth in social, academic and economic fields and to enhance their self-esteem and self-reliance.

JIYO Ahmedabad is one of the most active youth wings across India.

JITO, with a vision to empower youth, invited its first group of 250 enterprising youth to be a part of JITO's youth wing in 2009. Later it was formalized on 28th October, 2012 during JITO Connect and was given an identity of Jain International Youth Organisation.

The philosophy of the JIYO is: I will grow myself, will help each other to achieve goals, will behave with others the way I would want them to behave with me and will take actions to make India and the world a better place to live in.

Currently JIYO Ahmedabad is doing programs related to knowledge empowerment, economic empowerment, health, cultural, social etc.