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Jain Sites - Religious

Atma Dharma
This Jain Literature and Jain Logic Site presents the Essence of Jainism by providing original Jain Texts with translations into various modern languages

Jain Religion
A relatively new site in Rajasthan (India) that is under construction

Palitana Dharamshalas
Telephone Directory of 123 Jain Dharamshalas in Palitana.

Jain Derasars
Directory of 1,255 Jain Derasars (Shikharbadh & Gruh Jinalav Temples) from all over the world

Mumbai Derasars
Directory of 614 Jain Derasars (Shikharbanh & Gruh Jinalay Temples) from all over the Mumbai

Jain Tirth
An Online Telephone Directory providing the Contact Nos. of all the 430 Jain Tirth In India

Shree 108 Parshwanath Tirth
Directory with maps providing the Complete Information of all the 108 Parshwanath Bhagwan TIRTH Located in India like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh & Jharkhand

Jain Tirth Yatra
Jain Tirth Yatra is an Online Guide providing the 38 Jain Tirth Routes with Information like Availability of oharamshatas, Bhojenshalas & their Distance.

Jain Tirth Maps
Jain Tirth Maps is a Guide providing 32 Maps for planning your Jain Tirth Yatra, according state wise in India.

Lord Mahavir and Jain Religion
A very well-organized and comprehensive site compiled by Pravin K. Shah of the Jain Study Center of North Carolina, with files served from Colorado State University (USA). Topics include: Introduction, Directories, Songs and Prayers, Vegetarianism and Ahimsa, Jain Texts, Jain Pilgrimage, Jain Images, and Jainism in the Eyes of Others

Jainism Simplified
Jain concepts explained in a easy to read question-answer format

Aspects of Jainism Jainism Thoughts
There is a wise saying which goes: "Do you wish for kindness? Then be kind. Do you desire truth? Then be true. Whatever you give yourself you will find; Your world is a reflex of yourself."

Galaxy Directory on Jainism
Galaxy was the first Internet Search Directory online. Each of our listings has been reviewed by an actual human before inclusion so you only get the best search results

Hinduism Vs Jainism
Hinduism is based on the diverse Vedic texts, which repeatedly advocate nonviolence towards humans and animals. Consequently, pacifism and vegetarianism have been encouraged by Hindus for thousands of years. Hindus recognize that animals have...

Jainism- Summary
Summary of Jainism with founder, date founded, beliefs, and major festivals

Totality of Jain Religion
Detail in totality of Jain religion , & Terapanth, Lord Mahavera , Master of universe , Monk Bikshu , Acharya tulsee , Acharya Mahaprgya, Jain history , Anuvart , Nonviolence , Meditation, preksha Dhyana and much much more...

Jain Text: Moksh Marg Prakashak
Study Moksh Marg Prakashak for an ANALYTICAL description of, the nature of unhappiness, its causes (believing self to be non-self, e.g. body, passions, etc.), identification of solution (understanding difference between self and non-self) follow

Jainism, The Jain World Wide Web Page A good, documented source of resources on Jainism on and off the Internet

JAINISM is all about LIVE & LET LIVE, the oldest religion in INDIA. The main followers are the JAINS. All those who follow the religion are vegetarian and they follows what Lord Mahaveera said LIVE & LET LIVE

Jainism Potpourri
Information on Jainism and other places like Sharanabelagola etc.

Jainism Resource Center
Maintained by Harvard University

Resources for Study of Jainism
for those interested in the study of Jainism

Jainism Links Page
This site include the links to all major sites of Jainism on web

Links to Jainism
To provide a means for the believer, the non-believer, or the undecided to educate themselves and formulate their own opinions or beliefs (or simply solidify their current beliefs), through knowledge and not ignorance

More links to Jainism
Links to web sites about the Jain religion